Reproducible drill charts and individual coordinate sheets will be provided for each musical selection.  Pyware drill files are available at no charge upon request.  


 1 – 40  performers ($800.00)

41 – 70 performers ($1,000.00)

71 – 100 performers ($1,200.00)

101 – 130 performers ($1,400.00)

(Larger ensembles, please contact me for pricing)

All materials must be received at least 1 month prior to your first rehearsal.  Every attempt will be made to honor special requests, however, you must give appropriate notice.  

Additional fees may apply for certain requests (i.e. moving props, pre-show sequence, etc).  

If your materials are delivered after June 1 your show will incur a $200.00 fee (a postmark of June 1 is not acceptable).  If your materials arrive after June 30, your show will incur a $500.00 additional fee.   

If you have any questions, or concerns throughout your season, I am available for email consultation at no additional charge. 

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